Monday, March 1, 2010

A Note From Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

Hi Friends...

Sorry for the lack of communication. It's been a really busy winter here at the sanctuary. And I have lots to tell you! But unfortunately, it's going to have to wait a little longer. While I had good intentions to get caught up on our newsletter this week, I came down with a really nasty flu a few days ago. It's tough getting me to slow down and I kept doing all my normal chores...but the bug has finally kicked my rear-end and I'm in my PJ's, stuck on the couch (and yes, I'm whinning mightily!)Poor Jim is having to pick up the slack and tend to the horses on his own.

But I did want to tell you one quick bit of news...then it's back to the couch for me! If you plan on attending The Road to The Horse in TN this year: March 6th and 7th(this coming weekend!) be sure to stop by Joe Camp's booth and say HI. As most of you already know, he is the creator of canine super-star, Benji, and the author of numerous books, including the best selling, The Soul Of a Horse. You'll get a chance to chat with Joe about his current projects, get signed copies of his books, meet his wife Kathleen and view some of her incredible photography, AND, AND, AND meet Benji! That's right! Benji will be there as well. Who wouldn't want to meet Benji!!!

Also, seek out any horse rescue organizations who are set up at the event. One who I know will be there is run by a gal named Jane McAllister. Tell her I said HI and that I wish them a successful weekend. And if you are able put some help in their fundraising jar, please do. For the Horses!!!

***cough,cough**hack,hack**snif,snif** back to my hot tea and rest!

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Note from Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

We would like to send out a HUGE "Thank You" to four very special young ladies: Sophia Vacca, Isabel Vacca, Mackenzie Martin and Allie Martin. A short time ago they decided to set up a lemonade stand and all the money they earned was donated to our horses here at Proud Spirit. What a wonderful and kind thing to do! We are so proud to call these terrific girls our friends. They are making the world a better place!